Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh, well . . .

I guess that dream I had last night that I won the lottery didn't come true.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Act of Love

It has long been my desire to ride a century (100 miles) on my bicycle, but circumstances (or hilly terrain) have always been against me. So when Lil Sis and I signed up for this weekend's BikeFest in the southern (flat) part of our state, we decided this might be the best chance for me to achieve this goal. Lil Sis has ridden several centuries when I was living out of state, and I was so jealous! She knew how much it meant to me to have this new bragging right, so she made the supreme sacrifice and rode the tandem with me.

I'm not going to sit here and say it was a breeze. The weather was good, though it got a little hot later in the day, and the terrain was indeed quite flat. But 108 miles is 108 miles . . . on a bicycle. And make no mistake: it is NOT easier because there are two people pedaling. There are still two bodies on the bicycle!

What would have made the day more bearable would have been a win by our beloved Bulldogs. Knowing the game would be played while we were riding, Lil Sis attached stereo speakers specifically made for a bicycle, and we each had an MP3 player which doubled as an FM radio (just in case one ran out of steam!). We were able to hear each and every horrible moment of the game.

It is a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, just being able to say I rode 108.09 miles ON A BICYCLE. But what makes it even more special is that I know Lil Sis did it just for me. She has her collection of century bandanas and wanted this one for me. Thank you, Lil Sis, and I love you.

Good night.